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S Brady Esq Mayor of Baltimore, his resigned his office (1)
S P Brady and Co Detroit, MICH (1)
S W Dorsey (9)
Sagen (1)
Samuel Brady Indian fighter (1)
Samuel Calvert (1)
Samuel D Brady (1)
Samuel McKinley; Trustee Rpt, Mt. Pleasant Twp Delaware Co IN (1)
Samuel Mckinley, Mrs and daughter; flower parade (1)
Samuel R. Alley (1)
Samuel Stoflebeam; drowned (1)
Sandford; shot Wright (1)
Sarah A Lowes (1)
Sarah W. Fling; Philadelphia (1)
Schmidt, Lorenz (14)
Schmidt, Oscar (2)
Scott, Joseph; Montgomery Co, IN; estate settlement insolv (1)
Scott, Joseph; Montgomery Co; estate (1)
Senator Brady's son (1)
Sewall, May Wright (1)
Shafer, Jacob; Crawfordsville, Montgomery Co; sheriff's sale (1)
Shanghaied (1)
Shepherd, Ada (6)
Shepherd, J. E. (1)
Shepherd, Rose (1)
Simba Kenyatta (1)
Sir Thomas Henry Grattan Esmounde (1)
Sison & Brdy Comedy Co (1)
Skating Rink (1)
Skillin Moore Co; Commissioners' Allowance (1)
Smith, Charity; Montgomery Co, IN; marriage (1)
Smith, Phillip; Montgomery Co.; $47.75 note (1)
Solomon Bear (3)
Star Route frauds (11)
Stewart, Charles; Montgomery, Co.; estate (1)
Stickney (3)
Story Dollie and Brady (1)
Susanna Brady; letter (1)
Sutherlin, Juliana; left her husband (1)
Sutherlin, William; wife left him (1)
Swank, Perry Jr.; Crown Pt (1)
Sweeton, Absalom; Clark Twp., Montgomery Co.; two grey horses (2)
schmidt (1)
steward (1)
story Polly and Brady (1)
strategy games online (1)

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