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R Brady (3)
R Brady, Little Rock (1)
RTS (1)
Ralph Brady; boxing (1)
Rano Gang (1)
Ream (2)
Rebeca Brady; letter (2)
Recruits (1)
Religious society of friends (1)
Reno Gang (20)
Reredell vs. Vaile, Minor & Co (2)
Reutlinger (photo credit) (1)
Rev Cyrus Townsend Brady; at the movies (1)
Rev H O Tatum; missing Co-ed (1)
Rev John Brady (Catholic) Brooklyn NY (1)
Rev P R Brady (1)
Richard Brady (1)
Richard Brady of Marion Co IND (3)
Richard Brady, Greencastle IN (1)
Richard Owen; Indiana (1)
Riddle, Jacob S; Montgomery Co, IN; petition for divorce (1)
Riddle, Kerilla; Montgomery Co, IN; petition for divorce (1)
Robert Brady;county commission's claim (2)
Robert Irwin (1)
Robert M. Evans; Fatal Affray at Evansville (1)
Robert M. Evans; Heart-Rending Tragedy (1)
Robert R Brady (2)
Robertson, Leonard; Montgomery Co; bill to foreclose (1)
Rockne, Knute (1)
Rodgers, Lizzie (1)
Roscoe Sea Rles (1)
Rosencranz Patent (1)
Rufus W. Moore; ditch notice (1)

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