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L. Connel, Sgt; killed by lighting at Ft Brady (2)
Lamar (1)
Lane, Ephraim; Montgomery Co, IN; administrator of estate (1)
Lane, Ephraim; Montgomery Co, IN; adminstrator of estate (1)
Largo IN (1)
Laura Brady; Terre Haute (1)
Lawrence O McKinley, teaching; Trustee Rpt, Mt. Pleasant Twp Del (1)
Lawrence W. Moore; Muncie, Rte 3 (1)
Lemuel Wiley (1)
Levi Nutt; Union Co IA (1)
Lewis Williams; N Carolina Obituary (1)
Liberty Guard of Terre Haute; photo (1)
Lillian Russell; pictured (1)
Lincoln, James; Montgomery Co, IN; administrator's notice (1)
Lincoln, James; Montgomery Co, IN; estate (1)
Linus B. Denehie, Samuel J. Denehie (1)
Logansport (1)
Louis Ira (1)
Lowe, Enos; Rockville; reward offered for return of grey horse (1)
Luba Horowitz Nisenbaum (1)
Luke Stewart; colored Methodist Church (1)
Lyman Law, Esq; obituary (1)
Lysander Wiley (1)
laziest Man (1)

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