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C D Brady (1)
C D Brady; author (1)
C Ellis Moore; Ohio Rep (1)
C R Brady of Michigan City (1)
C T Brady; author (1)
C W Van R Anst (1)
CC Brady (2)
Cain, Abijah; Montgomery Co, IN; estate (1)
Cain, George; Montgomery Co, IN; administrator of estate (1)
Cain, John; Coal Creek Twp., Montgomery, Co.; bay mare horse (1)
Cain, John; Montgomery Co, IN; administrator of estate (1)
Caldwell, Alexander; Jefferson Twp., Boon Co., grey horse (1)
Callahan, Jemima E. (1)
Canby, L.T.; Montgomery Co; administrator of estate (1)
Canine, Peter; Montgomery Co, IN; marriage (1)
Captain, John E Foudray (1)
Carl D. Moore; Muncie, Rte 4 (1)
Carl D. Moore; Road Petition improve highway Delaware Co, IN (2)
Carl D. Moore; ditch notice (1)
Carlisle Indian, athlete (1)
Carlton D. Moore; ditch notice (1)
Carrie Price (1)
Castlereagh (1)
Chance Cook (1)
Charles C. Brady (1)
Charles E McKinley (1)
Charles F. Long (1)
Charles James Fox (1)
Charles Moore;county commission's claim, Infirmary (3)
Charles Morsea (1)
Charles White; President of Wabash College (1)
Charley Mitchell (1)
Chas Dullen (Talbot) (1)
Chas McKinley; Trustee Rpt, Mt. Pleasant Twp Delaware Co IN (1)
Chauncey Walker, Corp; killed by lighting at Ft Brady (2)
Chief Yellow Horse (1)
Choir from Hopkinsville Ky (1)
Christina Drescher; Horrible Death (1)
Clancey Brady, Third Officer (2)
Clara Brown (1)
Clara D. Noyes (1)
Cliff Brady (1)
Clyde B Beegel; Altoona PA (1)
Colonel James D Brady ;Ohio (1)
Commodore Perry Brady (1)
Condy Raguet, Esq; obituary (1)
Convention of Heomeopaths (1)
Coon, Hiram; Pleasant Hill, Montgomery Co, IN; boot & shoe shop (1)
Cousin Bobby Slaughter's 9th birthday celebration (1)
Cousin Pat (1)
Cyrus D Brady (1)
cerrajeros barcelona (1)

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